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Vintage Tube Amp Repair and Restoration

Skip Simmons Amp Repair | Loma Rica, CA, USA
Repairs/Info: [email protected] | 530.771.7345

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I have helped hundreds of musicians get the sound they are looking for by taking an individual approach to each amp and its owner. There is no "ultimate" tube or amp modification, no part that "absolutely" must be replaced. Instead, it's more important to know how the amp will be used and to maximize its potential for the owner.

One of the most important tools I have is not a tube-tester or an oscilloscope, but rather the opinions and feedback of my customers. I feel fortunate to work on amplifiers for some of the most widely traveled (and best!) working musicians around. Guys like Rick Estrin, Nick Moss, Roy Rogers, Darrell Mansfield, and Kim Wilson crank up those amps every night, and then pack them into the van for the next gig. They can rely on a great sound from their vintage gear every time. If I say that a particular tube or speaker is reliable, or a guitar will sound great through an amp I built, it is not because I read about it in a magazine or on the internet, but because my customers have proven it.

I have also benefited from the wide-ranging needs and interests of my customers. I have built or serviced amps for blues harp, steel guitar, jazz guitar, country and heavy metal players. I have done work for recording studios, touring bands, vintage dealers, collectors and at-home enthusiasts. I hope that this experience will mean that no matter what your interests are, I will know what you are talking about and can help you get the sound that you are looking for.

Contact Skip to make arrangements for repairing your amp. He repairs all makes and models of vintage tube guitar amps and harp amps, no matter how obscure; PA and sound equipment; vintage studio equipment; vintage hi-fi power amps; and Leslie speaker amplifiers.


Skip Simmons Amp Repair 4824 Bevan Road • Loma Rica, CA 95901
530-771-7345 •

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